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Our Products:

Naturally raised grassfed beef and lamb

We raise our cattle in the most humane and healthy conditions possible.  We do this in order to provide your family with the healthiest and most flavorful eating experience possible.  Our cattle graze the Indiana grasslands during the growing season.  During Winter, they enjoy the hay that we have spent the summer months putting up.  They are not fed any grains or antibiotic feeds.  We never implant hormones in our calves like conventional feedlot operations do.

A New Generation of Ranching

Our family operates Meadow Oaks Angus to provide an alternative to the options available in your grocery store.  The change from industrial agriculture to a more sustainable healthy alternative is our goal.  We feed no grain, use no hormones, feed no antibiotics, and use solar power when possible to provide wholesale meat in Morocco, IN..

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All of our animals are raised in the most natural and humane manner possible.  We believe the lack of stress on the animal provides for a higher quality meat.  Our cattle run 400 acres and have fresh well water to drink.  We utilize solar power to run our fences and pump water in order to be more green.

We carry on the traditions of our founder and strive to adhere to the principles of naturally raised animals.  Only feeding the highest quality forage available to us.  We believe our efforts in raising naturally raised beef will reduce cancers, heart disease and diabetes in those who consume our products.


Pasture raised pork

Our pigs are never confined or fed anything but corn and bean meal.  We don't use commercial pig feed that contains antibiotics in every bite.  Our pigs spend their time running and rooting around a pasture with plenty of shade trees and acorns to search for.  Conventional pork operations pack as many animals into a confinement building as they can and feed a nonstop flow of antibiotics.  We believe happy pigs are healthy pigs!

All of our farmers market products are shipped frozen and vacuum packed directly to your home.  Dry ice and vacuum sealing is essential to your enjoyment of this quality eating experience.  These improvements in shipping will enable us to produce beef for those outside our local area.